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We all know home imporvement projects aren’t cheap. Here at Iron Mountain Excavation, we believe in helping our customer’s achieve their goals. Think of us as just another tool to help get you there. While financing you’re project may not be your first choice, we have partnered with Foundation Finance to offer another tool for your disposal. 

Why use financing?

How does it work?

When you choose to finance part or all of your project, it’s simple! All you have to do is click the “APPLY TODAY” tab, where you will be taken to Foundation Finance’s secure application page. There you will enter the dollar amount to be financed and submit your application. Once your application is submitted, we will contact you when we receive a decision from Foundation Finance. 


Financing Application

After receiving the estimate for work to performed, click the link below to apply!


Get Approved!

Once you’re approved, If there was a deposit required we will collect those funds, as well as sign the contract for work to be performed. Once you sign the financing agreement we will commence work. 

About Our Financing Programs

  • Revolving Lines of Credit
    • Open line of credit at the dealer or contractor’s business. May not be used at other locations.
    • Can “add-on” additional products or services if you have available credit and the account is in good standing.
    • No pre-payment penalties.
    • Fixed interest rates.
  • Installment Loans
    • Similar to a car loan or a mortgage where you pay in a set number of monthly installments.
    • Fixed terms and monthly payments. Up to 120 months.
    • No pre-payment penalties.
    • Fixed interest rates.
  • Automated credit decisions 24/7
  • In-home document signing on any device

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